4 course - Fish & meat

golden trout tartar on kohlrabi carpaccio with sour cream

beetroot essence with crispy duck ravioli

turbot with sepia risotto on saffron froth

beef fillet with king prawns (Surf and Turf) on fennel-tomato-vegetables, potato gratin and Madeira gravy

mango soup with yoghurt ice and coconut-crumble

including 1 glass of Prosecco to greet the new year

€ 84

4 course - vegetarian

yellow betroot Beete carpaccio with avocado and sweat-sour vegetables (vegan)

purple carrot soup with mushroom-strudel (vegan)

pumpkin risotto with gorgonzola-sauce (vegan possible)

roasted polenta with topinambur-puree, black salsify-mushroom-ragout and cranberry sauce

duo from the Callebaut chocolate with raspberries and sorbet

including 1 glass of Prosecco to welcome the new year

€ 74,00